YouTube Poop vs. Capcom All-Stars is the upcoming M.U.G.E.N. 2D-Fighting Game from Capcom and Elecbyte, the creators of M.U.G.E.N., Which the characters will not only be Capcom and YouTube Poop, It will also be with SNK, Guilty Gear, Internet Memes and More for DLC, Releasing in 2011/2012/2013 for PC and MAC. The Game is Developed by PRIMEMAN Productions and NaruIchi97 Studios


Hyrule, Gamelon and Koridai is under attack by some random Capcom Evil Characters, Dr. Wily, Akuma and the others, but with the help of the Team and the Capcom Team, They Will Save the Earth. Actually that was the plot. It's the first MUGEN Crossover Game since many videos on Youtube about Fighters of both YTP and Fighting Games even others. and it takes in any universe in the world.

Mode SelectEdit

  • Arcade Mode - Play with Random Charas
  • VS. Mode - Challenge with Others
  • Team VS. - Challenge as a Team
  • Survival Mode - Fight many characters as you can
  • Survival EX Mode - Fight many characters as you can with a partner
  • Demonstration Mode - Watch how is done!
  • Options - Configure

Capcom CharactersEdit

Ryu Street Fighter
Ken Street Fighter
E. Honda Street Fighter
Chun-Li Street Fighter
Blanka Street Fighter
Sakura Kasugano Street Fighter Alpha
Cody Final Fight
Guy Final Fight
Dante Devil May Cry
Vergil Devil May Cry
Trish Devil May Cry
Megaman Megaman
Megaman X Megaman X
Megaman Volnutt Megaman Legends
Megaman EXE Megaman EXE/NT Warrior
Frank West Dead Rising
Amaterasu Okami
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
Chris Redfield Resident Evil
Jill Valentine Resident Evil
Evil Ryu Street Fighter

Dan Hibiki

Street Fighter
Skullomania Street Fighter EX
Jin Saotome Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness
Zero Megaman X
Strider Hiryu Strider
Asura Asura's Wrath
Albert Wesker Resident Evil
Nero Devil May Cry 4

TV Shows CharactersEdit

Internet User Characters/DLC CharactersEdit

The Characters for M.U.G.E.N. involving internet Memes and Users who are from Mugen, including DLC from another fighting games not owned by Capcom

Internet Meme/PeopleEdit

Tony (PRIMEMAN3457) Pie-Thology
Aaron (NaruIchi97) Many Videos
Steven (steventhemaster) Many Videos
Daniel (Daniel9999999GMC) Many Videos
Angry German Kid Many Videos