YouTube Poop:The Movie Is The 2010 Youtube-Poop Film From NaruIchi97 Studios. It Was Released In 2D And YOUTUBE IMAX, As Well As In Megavideo in 2011, The Film Released on May 28, 2010.

Youtube Poop:The Movie


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Comedy, Youtube-Poop, Action/Adventure, Swear Words, etc.


Video Clip Combinations

Release Date:

August - October 2011 (Release on Megavideo and Re-Release on YouTube)

Total Views:


Production Begun Date:

May 28th, 2010

Production End Date:

September 20, 2010


Kadokawa Pictures
Bandai Entertainment

Distributed by:

20th Century Fox

MPAA Rating:

(Originally R PG-13 for Brief Language, and Animated Violence, and Rude Humor)


Good Evil
Link I.M Meen
King Harkinian Weegee
Mario Dr.Robotnik
Luigi Heather
Finn I.M Meen's Army
Jake Ganon/Ganondorf
Princess Zelda Bowser
Konata Izumi Saddam Hussein
Haruhi Suzumiya M. Bison
Ed Edd N Eddy Plankton
Duncan N/A
Courtney N/A
Izzy N/A
Gwen N/A
Chowder N/A
Mikey Simon N/A
Eric Cartman N/A
Huey and Riley Freeman N/A
Fanboy and Chum Chum N/A
SpongeBob Squarepants N/A
The 6teen Guys N/A
Sonic the Hedgehog N/A
and Every Stars N/A


Critical Reception {C}{C}{C The Film Has Been A View-Count Sucess, But Was Not Well Recieved By Critics. Based Off Calculation Percentages From Comments, It Recieved A 21% Approvel By Youtube Poop Fans. Mr3Dvideo Gave An Jurrasic-Negative Thoughts For It's Quick 3D Conversion After the Director sended him a PM after he sended him, and then instead of teaching him, he tells him to forget it.

Panned ReviewsEdit

The Criticism lead the Director to a Frustation due to any one agreeing with Stuart K. Reilly (YTPnews1) when they saw the video that criticizes the movie along with film poops and SeductiveBaz's Short Poop Movie with The Name of this Movie, He thinks is the worst movie, but is because of making the Official Movie Account named YTPMovieOfficial also for adding in the movie the Series that someone doesn't like Total Drama Series because of the Cartoon Network Edits, until Total Drama World Tour the Third Total Drama Season gets a bit uncut language thanks to Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, after days Morbidcrab made a thought about the director's age, he said Unsurprisingly you're just a fat f*ck who is like in 13, the director thinks so because of forgetting the comment when Morbidcrab saw the NaruIchi97 Studios Home Entertainment Logo, and the one who made the Encyclopedia Dramatica Page of the Movie, Some are making fun of him because of his age. The other who thinks it is worse, the username is link19937326771890, the one who made the page. Made the Director frustated even more for anyone agreeing with the person who made the movie's Encyclopedia Dramatica page who it contains explicit language, and the sponsoring on Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's Movie based on the Prince of Persia Games by Ubisoft which name is Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 2 negative comments about the director's age they talk about minor edits, less epicness and his age that he was 13 years old, and they think is bullsh*t and the director thinks Sponsoring a not Fanmade Movie is not for children under 18 if is on YouTube Poops. The Movie was finished in December 30, but Due to the director being sick of being a troll to TaleOfNobody, as told by ytpfsx, He feels Embarrased, and he attached to his blog an extra to make it up to poopers who treated him like bad thing, like "YTP Movie in 5 Seconds" now different as "YouTube Poop The Movie in a nutshell" in 2011.

View-Count PerformanceEdit

In August, The Film Beat The 3D Edition Of Transformers:The Movie, With Over 3000 Views Total.

Re-Release on NaruIchi97Studios1Edit

He re-released to YouTube with the final parts of the movie and the YT Menu.

Home MediaEdit

NaruIchi97 Studios and PRIMEMAN Productions releases both the release for YTP: The Movie.

The Following of both Versions will be different

NaruIchi97 Version PRIMEMAN Release Version
Deleted Scene YOUTUBE IMAX Version
Movie in a Nutshell Last on Earth Series Sneak Peek
Recut Trailer
Rise of the Awesome Trailer

Website ReleaseEdit

In July 2011, He made an announcement to watch YTP: The Movie and the sequel pushing back to 2012 and YTIMAX Full Movie in 240p Rendering Issues.


Main article: YouTube Poop 2: Rise of the Awesome

On The Film's Facebook Page, It Was Said That A Sequel With The Title "Rise Of The Awesome" Is Planned For Release In 2011 Or 2012. In August 2010, PRIMEMAN Said A Sequel Is In The Works For 2012, But PRIMEMAN Productions Decided To Use A Different Process For It's YOUTUBE IMAX Conversion. In 2012, The movie has been cancelled due to some reasons but later on December 2012, it has been reinstated but production start and release date is unknown.