Mega Showdown of the CenturyEdit

Year: 2010/2011

Plot: When Courtney is kidnapped by Ignacius Mortimer Meen, and plots to destroy the world, Duncan, The Eds, The Hyrulian Warriors, LilyMu and The Cast of Total Drama, Even the SOS Brigade duke it out, to save Courtney and the World

Idea: NaruIchi97, 4evermario, Crazyistmanever

Ultra Showdown of the CenturyEdit

Year: 2012/2013

Plot: When Hyrule is deserted and Frieza, Maximus I.Q. and Bowser destroyed his castle. The Past Heroes join forces with Betty, Spongebob, Finn, Jake and ShinkenRed and they are the last of mankind.

Super Showdown of the Century (Working Title)Edit

Year: TBA