Randomness of Crapiness The Movie is the "Randomedy" (Random Comedy) Movie from NaruIchi97 Studios Releasing on, YouTube and YOUTUBE IMAX. Based on the Serie


Everything is random, but some things are seriously funny to the plot, Yui and Pinkie Pie breaks walls. Courtney goes Solo as KR Joker from Kamen Rider W, The Den-Liner takes the crew, Ami Den-O and Rainbow Dash to the episode "Party of One" to stop Spike from making Pinkie Pie an assasin of Ponies according to "Cupcakes" Bla, bla, blah


In 2010, He made a trailer that contains the Lindsay vs Candace Emo-Off Bit containing content from LittleKuriboh, and also he made a poster with bases but in Fall 2010, It was not even made at all due to the base edits, until in February 2011, He remade the trailer with a different teaser poster and it pushed back to Summer 2011. NaruIchi97's DMR will be in 1080p and PRIMEMAN3457's DMR will be on 4K for YOUTUBE IMAX. The First TV-Spot was attached to the first episode of "Showdown of the Century: The Series". Production Started in July 2011. As of 2012, it is unknown that the movie will possibly be made or cancelled like Rise of the Awesome.