Mega Showdown of the Century is a YouTube Poop Movie, Fully Animated, The First YouTube Poop Movie from NaruIchi97 Studios, and is still on production


Link, King, Gwonam (Jeffrey Rath, Jeff Nelson, Paul Wann), The Mario Bros. (Mark Graue) are in the CDi World with The Princess Peach, Impa and Zelda (Jocelyn Benford), Until the others from other world, It came Duncan (Drew Nelson), The Rebel of Total Drama, and the others, Mikey Simon (Michael Sinterniklaas), Gonard (Sean Schemmel), Guano (Gary Mack), Lily (Annice Moriarty), Mitsuki (Evelyn Lanto), Courtney (Emilie Barlow), Yes Man (Jesse Adams), and others. And King know them, And Link was Excited!, Until the Mad Guy, Ignacius Mortimer Meen (Peter Berkrot), Came to the World that he will rule... or destroy, Capturing Courtney and Trap Her in his magic Book, which it isn't to be red, And a Blow-Shit-Up-A Bomb who it became Meenest Weapon Ever, And now, Mikey, Duncan and the Others are going to rescue Courtney and Save the World!


  • Duncan (Drew Nelson) From Total Drama Series
  • Link (Jeffrey Rath) From Zelda CDi
  • King Harkinian (Jeffrey Nelson) From Zelda CDi
  • Gwonam (Paul Wann) From Zelda CDi
  • Mikey Simon (Michael Sinterniklaas), Gonard (Sean Schemmel), Guano (Gary Mack) From Kappa Mikey
  • Courtney (Emilie Barlow) From Total Drama Series
  • I.M. Meen (Peter Berkrot) From the Game with Same Name

Home MediaEdit

The NaruDigital Download Release will be released in June 2011 in 480p, HD DVD 720p, and Bluray

The Extras Will Have, An Episode of the SOTC Series, And Sneak Peeks for Next Movies


  • The movie is similar to the 4evermario CDi Movie and Crazyistmanever's Baron o Beef Dip Saga.