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Season One


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Catachlysmic Survival! The End of Humanity Showdown! Since the President Announced that the world is ending this year, not like Harold Camping predicted, The Gang will have plans for a survival getaway to save themselves. March 28, 2011
Race for your Lives Everybody! This is gonna be an Afterlife Ride! The Cast of Total Drama, along with Gonard, The King, LilyMu Team, Finn, Jake, Mario, Luigi, Zelda and Link goes on a ride to get out of any situations happening in the End of the World. Kyon dreamed about the world of Haruhi Suzumiya in Kyoto and the aliens on his dream entered his world April 22, 2011
Come Fly with Us! The Ultimate Survival Flight! After the Gang Ended Up in a deserted place, Chris rescued the cast along with the whole gang. and They fly to the finish after everything is destroyed. May 13, 2011
Disastrous World! Enter the Ruins of the Universe!

After a flight gone wrong with an alert, Whenever Chris is safe in another plane, The whole gang goes down to another place, and returned to Hyrule but The King's castle got destroyed and they plan to rebuild it. Then the Gumball-bot built by Skynet since he watched "The Amazing World of Gumball" tries to destroy the gang but failed since Haruhi, Konata, the SOS Brigade and Sonic arrived and pwned the robot and rebuilt The King's House. In the Cliffhanger, Ed meets Goku during a party.

September 23, 2011
Machine Killing Time! All Against Skynet! After Mario and Goku realized that Skynet and the androids from Terminator caused this apocalypse with cataclysm instead of an explosion like an atomic bomb, The Eds, Link, Duncan, Goku and the others go destroy the machines before the real Judgement Day. November 2011

(More to Come)