&nbsp The Trilogy (sorta) of Aaron Montalvo's Poop Movie with the Same Name as other pooper's version of the YTP Movie

YouTube Poop: The MovieEdit

I.M Meen Unleashes The Return Of Weege To Destroy All, And Only Link, The King, Mario, Luigi, Finn, And Jake even Duncan and the others Can Stop Him. They Must Also Defeat The Evil Army I.M Meen Controls.

Released in May 2010

YouTube Poop: The Movie - Rise of the AwesomeEdit

Kick Buttowski, Tony Stark, Scott Pilgrim and the others joins the fray on the sequel, with the return of other characters, Even Meen and the reunion of a marriage with Ophelia Chill, And Heather out of Total Drama, She is with Alejandro, or is she?, And Shupa Weegee is Unleashed, but the heroes are the last of their kind.

Releasing in 2012

YouTube Poop: The Movie - LegacyEdit

Info Not Available Yet

Releasing in TBA 2012-2013